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 Welcome to iLoveAmerica.TV

You're invited to a free tour. We have built  an American Town for you that you can visit using your PC. No cars or airplanes needed.  Discover the American Miracle Mile  featuring the best of America, the people, the land & ideas for the future. Here is what you get:


  1. Celebrate our historic progress by taking a walk on the American Miracle Mile in Peace City, the new American City on the 3D Internet
  2. Discover A.M.E.R.I.C.A.s 7 Secrets Of Success
  3. Take the A.M.E.R.I.C.A. workshop and turn your own hopes into reality

  1. Add your face to the expo of American faces
  2. You could be featured in the official exhibition


  1. Renew your American Dream
  2. Share ideas for a positive future of the new America


  1. Leave a message, your thoughts 
  2. Send your best wishes for future generations (our robotic historian will take your notes)

  1. Learn the I Love America song here karaoke style
  2. Use the vocals and composition royalty FREE to remix it or to make your own video









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